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From creator Bruno Eberhard
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Hello, friend. Thanks for interesting in our framework and visiting this website. I want to tell you some details about my “child” - Minimal-J. Why is it needed to you like a developer? What engineering problems can it solve? Read till the end to know all about this new product.

Java, but minimal

Minimal-J tries to solve a fundamental problem of nearly all existing and developed software: the complexity. You can create effective applications without needless issues in the development. This framework is the strongest solution for desktop. But it also works well on a tablet or on mobile devices. It is fast, small and leads to applications with very nice user experience.

Motivation for developers

It's open source software under Apache License. You can use Minimal-J in a commercial software and it's for free. Many things can be done simpler. Instead of using all available options and existing packages it only uses what is really necessary. Minimal-J applications are easy to plan and manage. They can run standalone.


Its programming style has a very different approach to software development. Modern frameworks try to provide every possible solution for all possible problems. Minimal-J is very focused on specific requirements and proposes what I think are the best solutions for the technical challenges. You won't make a new Facebook with it. But you will create a fast and easy to use application with no surprises for users.
Small application size still has its advantages. Sometimes developers pay a lot for memory. Minimal-J can easily live with a 128MB configuration. Some cloud providers offer such small virtual machines for free.
Minimal-J depends only on one or two external third party libraries. As every library could have it´s security flaws this reduces possible attacks. Also, there is less need to update the framework and applications. Because of the small size developers understand the code better and are not lost in a framework that they don't completely understand.
Here the web UI is mainly used but other types are provided too. For the in-house application, it could still make sense to develop desktop applications. They could be more comfortable for the user. The type can be configured at startup. Web UI works on a desktop browser and scales nicely down on a small mobile display.
Minimal-J is completely written in Java except for the web UI parts. No special programming language to learn. This makes it easier to find developers for a project and these developers may be more productive.
The new programming style makes developing fun again. You don't get lost in configuration files, your IDE and building tools are fast.
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  • Fun

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